Recycle Gel Packs



ControliQ Gel Pack Recycling/Disposal

Options for reuse, repurpose and disposal include:


  • ControliQ Gel packs that arrive in good condition with no leaking of gel or liquid may be reused by placing them in your freezer and refrozen to be used for such as lunch packs and picnic coolers for keeping foods chilled.  If you receive the gel packs in a business setting you may also reuse the gel packs…just disinfect the gel pack and freeze or chill them for use in your next outgoing insulated package.   VIDEO   

  • The gel material in ControliQ Gel packs that will not be reused as ice packs can be repurposed as a soil conditioner for water absorption and slow release for potted plants and gardens.  Simply cut open the gel pack bag and squeeze the gel material into your potted soils or garden soils and mix well into the soil.  The gel material will then absorb moisture when watered and slow release as the soil dries.  Our gel material is certified as non-toxic as well as biodegradable when exposed to environmental conditions in the soil. Plastilite/Integritemp/RebelFin customer service can provide you with SDS and biodegradable certification documents as needed.  VIDEO#1   VIDEO#2    VIDEO#3 

  • The ControliQ gel pack film/bag can be recycled once the gel material is removed from the bag.  Our gel pack film/bag is marked as #4 recyclable plastic film.  Simply rinse all of the gel material from inside the bag and deposit the bag/film into #4 plastic film collection bins at such as grocery stores or other retail outlets that collect such films/bags.  Some municipal waste systems may allow collection of #4 films at your curbside collection points.  VIDEO

  • For ControliQ gel packs that will not be reused or repurposed as described above, but instead will simply need a disposal method, it is acceptable to dispose of the gel packs in your municipal waste system. VIDEO

  • IMPORTANT REGARDING DISPOSAL OF CONTROLIQ GEL PACKS:  DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE GEL MATERIAL IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD OR COMMERCIAL PLUMBING SYSTEM!!   Our gel material will likely clog your pipes/plumbing system if disposed of down drains or toilets.  Your plumbing may require clog mitigation procedures such as “snaking” or other clog removal by you or a plumber if this improper disposal method is used.  Some gel materials supplied by other suppliers are marked as drain/plumbing safe but ControliQ gel is not.  VIDEO